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Portrait Of A Gadfly: A Conversation Across The Centuries With Socrates



When the Delphic Oracle was asked if any man was wiser than Socrates, the priestess replied, “There is no man wiser than Socrates.” This infallible pronouncement from the Gods puzzled the beloved sage of ancient Athens until he recognized its accuracy because, “I do not think I know what I do not know.”

Enjoy a compelling theatrical adventure as the charismatic, witty and irascible founder of the Western tradition of independent thinking comes alive again in a mesmerizing performance by his lifelong student Gabriel Grayson, costumed in chiton, himation, sandals and bushy beard. Listen, laugh and learn as the self-styled “midwife” of the mind enthusiastically remembers his life on Earth, wandering around the bustling Agora, the marketplace and political center of fifth century Athens, encouraging people he met to care for their souls, that is, to study philosophy and acquire virtue above all else.

Socrates’ rather eccentric manner and homely countenance, his fondness for jesting, and above all, his repeated refusal to subordinate his judgement to politically correct purposes aggravated his situation as a prominent Athenian citizen. Accused of corrupting the youth of the city by his teachings, Socrates was sentenced to death and accepted the decision even though he knew it was clearly wrong. He will recount his words at his trial as recorded by Plato, ideas that gained the admiration of both his contemporaries and a number of major historical figures over the last 2,500 years.

His recollections of his 70 years of life as a mortal, his unique perspective as an immortal looking at our world today and the sheer exuberance of his god-intoxicated personality will entertain, inform and motivate you to live a more abundant life inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

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