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Gabriel Grayson's "Mind Over Magic: Tapping Your Creative Powers Within"

For all the enormous achievements of science in posting the universe that we inhabit, odd things keep slipping past the sentries. The tap on the shoulder may be fleeting, the brush across the cheek gone sooner than it is felt, but the momentary effect is unmistakable: a reluctant. Suspension of belief in the rational. An old friend is suddenly remembered and as suddenly the telephone rings and the friend is on the line. A vivid dreams that becomes the morning reality. The sense of bumping into one's self around corner of time, of having done and said just this, in this place, once fervor in precisely this manner. A stab of anguish for a distant loved one, and next day…the telegram.

Hardly a person lives who can deny some such seeming visitation from across the psychic frontier. For most of human history, those intrusions were mainsprings of action, the very life force of Greek epic, biblical saga, and ancient Egyptian lore, of medieval tale and Eastern chronicle. Modern science and psychology have learned to explain much of what was once inexplicable, but mysteries remain. The enigmatic workings of the mind continue to resist rational analysis; reports of psychic phenomena persist. Are they all accident, coincidence? Or are there other planes and dimensions of conscious experience and memory? Could there be a paranormal world exempt from known natural law?

Gabriel Grayson is an electrifying performer who seeks answers to these intriguing questions. He has demonstrated entertaining and provocative test of extrasensory perception, psychic phenomena and hypnosis throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Western Europe and Japan.

Gabriel Grayson in "Mind Over Magic", his award-winning show of psychic forces, creates a thrilling display of precognition, telepathy, clairvoyance, teleportation, psycho kinesis and other apparent manifestations of the supernatural. Thousands of fascinated men and women have participated in these captivating experiments that lie far beyond the expectations of random probability.

Gabriel Grayson is a prominent member of the faculty of The New School in New York City, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the international Brotherhood of Magicians and the American Society for Psychical Research.

Gabriel Grayson's "Mind Over Magic: Tapping Your Creative Powers Within" has been presented successfully before astonished audiences of major organizations including:

"At the President's Club, our annual management conference held in Sarasota, Florida, Gabe was simply brilliant. I'm at a loss for superlatives to describe this remarkable man and his fantastic performance. We were all just spellbound…he excited, enlightened, baffled and above all entertained every one of us at the meeting."

Mr. Joseph O'Donnell, Director of Marketing ITT /Communications Systems, Hartford, Connecticut

"Gabriel Grayson's sensitivity, warmth and rapport with our students was obvious not only during his amazing exhibition but in his personal encounters before and after the performance. His humor, intelligence, and skill created a well-deserved standing ovation and I'm pleased that he is already scheduled again for next semester."

Dr. Mary Ellen Brosnan, S.C., President, Elizabeth Seton College, Yonkers, New York

"Stunning…dynamic…breath-taking!" The New York Times

For information regarding schedule availabilities and performance fees to be a witness to the impossible in "Mind Over Magic" please email Gabriel Grayson for additional details.

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